Branislav Perić, Ilija Perić, Tales from the Stones.
Decembarska umjetnička scena

Perić Branislav, Perić Ilija, Priče sa kamena.
III Mediteranski kongres estetičara, Portorož 2006
Decembarska umjetnička scena



Branislav R. Perić

Born in Niš in 1950. He completed secondary school in Peć and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy (Philosophy Major) in Belgrade. In the course of his studies and later, he published works in the fields of literature and esthetics in Književnost, Delo, Stvaranja, Dijalog, Obeležja, Izraz, Lica, Luča and other magazines. Since 1992 he has been mainly involved in research in the field of mycology. He has published over 100 scientific and professional works, reference books and articles. He is the editor-in-chief of the magazine Mycologia Montenegrina.

He is currently preparing a photo monographic study titled The Fungi and the Flowers of Montenegro.

Independent exhibitions:

  • Belgrade 1983, (sculpture)
  • Podgorica, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004 (photography)
  • Ljubljana, 1998 (photography)
  • Herceg Novi, 2000, 2001(photography)
  • Zagreb, 2001(photography)
  • Tivat, 2004 (photography)

Address: Đulje Jovanova 16, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro


Ilija B. Perić

Born in Podgorica in 1981. He completed secondary school in Podgorica. He is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Computer Arts and Design at the BK Academy in Belgrade. Since 1999 he has been active in the web design profession, and since 2000 in the areas of graphic design, digital photography and production.

Until now he has realized a large number of web presentations, and has completed books, catalogues and other publications, for state as well as foreign institutions in the country, non-governmental organizations and private enterprises. For the purpose of a more wholesome and higher quality production he has set up his virtual studio identity & promotion.

His works were displayed at the annual exhibitions of the BK Academy (Art Final) in Belgrade.

Address: Đulje Jovanova 16, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro